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Miss Jyoti Taneja

Medical Practitioner

L8.5 R7.5 W7 S8

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

A common colleague recommended foster bright learning. I wasn’t sure of joining initially becoz of less time for my exam. However, I joined with only 10 days left for preparation.

I am glad to write that with the strategic planning and experience of my trainer, I scored my required band of L8.5 R7.5 W7 S8. My trainer's approach towards my preparation was commendable, he was precise and ensured my learning was fruitful. I strongly recommend foster bright to every IELTS aspirant.

Anyone aspiring to get IELTS training must contact Foster Bright without an iota of doubt. My trainer Ankur Sir has excellent teaching methods and his attention to detail is impeccable. He helped me in my weak areas which boosted my confidence, and I scored an overall 8 Band (L8.5, R8.5, W7, and S8) in my IELTS General. Thank you so much Foster Bright and Ankur sir.

Miss Ibra Hussain

Design Engineer, IT industry

L-8.5, R-9, W-7, S-8

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

I joined Foster Bright Learning for IELTS General Training after reading wonderful reviews on Quora and Google, and I am glad I joined them. I scored L=8.5, R=9, W=7, S=8, Over All=8 in my very first attempt. Studying here helped me boost my confidence and was immensely helpful. Even during the lockdown, the remaining classes continued online. Ankur Sir helped me to improve my writing skills. He gives individual attention to all his students and evaluates essays personally.

For the Reading and Listening section, we were taught strategies to deal with different types of questions and all doubts were immediately cleared. Proper notes and rules were provided in every lecture as well as handouts for difficult words, their pronunciations and uses were discussed.

For Speaking, real-time interviews are conducted to simulate the actual test. I am glad that I made the right decision of joining Foster Bright to prepare for the most crucial exam. Foster Bright has helped me opened the doors to achieve my dream. I highly recommend this center to all IELTS aspirants.

Mrs Rupinder Kaur

Home Maker

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
Foster Bright nourishes and fosters your future prospects bright.

The interesting features of this center are:

1. Trial class is so apt, enjoyable, short n crisp - if u don't have time to even attend a trial class, just blindly opt for Foster bright Learning as your mentor. You will not regret.

2. My mentor was very helpful, had lot of patience and he kept a strict check on my work n gave me the best guidance.

3. In the last few days of the class, he gave me end moment tips and motivation, which were extremely handy n helpful in my exam. He boosted my confidence n morale.

4. Foster Bright stands tall among all the institutions. I ve never been under such good guidance before and lucky to have found such a great instructor. I highly recommend everyone to not overthink but enroll with Foster Bright for your exam preparation. You will be guided well..... Thank u Sir so much for such a lovely intellectual journey from bottom of my heart.

Miss Kopal Mangalick

Student, Hospitality Industry

L-6 R-6.5 W-7 S-7.5

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

I really want to appreciate and thank Foster Bright and my trainer Ankur Sir for being such a wonderful mentor because of whom I achieved my desired band in Academic IELTS. I scored L6, R6.5, W7, S7.5. The way you always interacted with me, your ways of imparting knowledge makes learning so interesting, and your approach of explaining everything was outstanding.To be honest, this was my first online class and being a newbee for this, I was puzzled but I thoroughly enjoyed the entire course of IELTS. It was a well detailed and organized training, which made easier for me to follow. I want to thank you for being such an amazing person/mentor.

Foster Bright Learning is the best learning platform for cracking international exams.
Thankyou team, Foster Bright, and special thanks to Ankur Sir.

Mr Akshat Gupta

Sr. Manager, Sales

L-8 R-9 W-7 S-7

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

Credit to Foster Bright, my achieved bands are L8, R9, W7, S7. Foster Bright should undoubtedly be the first choice for anyone planning for IELTS General /Academic. My personal experience has been extremely overwhelming as I was able to score CLB 9 in my first ever attempt of IELTS GT. There are two most crucial factors that made this possible: one-to-one learning with individual requirements and assorted learning curriculum. Firstly, the one to one learning experience given by my trainer Ankur Sir is so streamlined and in the most simplistic manner. He understands where you stand in your preparation, and decides what pace and effort is needed to touch the magical score of 8,7,7,7. Secondly, the handbook prepared by Foster Bright for the preparation was like the Bible for me. I made sure that I go through the resources of the booklet every day, and trust me one does not require any material out of the handbook to improve lexical skills, idioms and phrases. I started my preparation in mid September and within 12 sessions, I was able to score L:8, R:9, W:7 and S:7. I reached out to Foster Bright through google reviews itself and today I feel proud to add mine to the galore of achievers. Thank you so much Ankur Sir, really appreciate the efforts put by you to make our learning such a delightful experience.

Mrs. Shailja Kaushal

Sr. Manager, Sales

L-9 R-9 W-7.5 S-7

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Value

I recently wrote my IELTS General on 11th Oct. 2020, and with expert guidance from Foster Bright, I was able to secure CLB 9 with an individual score of L9, R9, W7.5, and S7. I am extremely satisfied with the classes given by my trainer Ankur Sir. He has a simplistic methodology to explain the IELTS format, and his strategy is truly impactful. In duration of 20 days, I was able to get hold of tips and tactics, and its implementation easily. All of my assignments were well evaluated and the suggestions given by him helped me achieve my desired band score. I got a welcome handbook specially created for improving lexical resource, which actually helped me in my writing and speaking module and also got access to online test material that was for regular practice. I highly recommend Foster Bright for IELTS preparation. You will definitely reach your desired score if you follow the suggestions given in classes.

Mrs Niharika Sharma

HR Professional, Hospitality Industry

Highly professional and helpful IELTS learning centre. I am grateful to my mentor Ankur, who has given me online one to one classes for IELTS preparation and i have achieved my desired score. I am thankful to Foster bright Learning.

Miss Ruchira Das Gupta

Student, Management

Positive: Professionalism

I got the score that I desired. The teacher who taught me had superb communication skills and helped me throughout. They provided me with materials that helped me to improve my vocabulary and practice regularly for my exam.

Mr Tanmay Bisaria


joined The coaching for IELTS Academic Training. It was around one month course. I must say he is very dedicated trainer. I followed his techniques and tips religiously .He believes in real hard work and under his guidance after seeing a lot of improvements and I also realized that hard work always pays. I achieved my desired Band and soon be studying in UK in a university of repute.

You can join their online or classroom sessions. Both are equally effective

Thanks Ankur Sir!

Miss Trapti Singh

IT Professional

Foster Bright is undoubtedly the best training center for IELTS, I would highly recommend it. I recently achieved my desired Band in my first attempt within a month's time only, and I owe it immensely to Ankur Sir. Practice tests done at Foster Bright under the guidance of Ankur Sir works like a charm ,and I wouldn’t have achieved the same result without his help.

The tips and guidance shared during training were of great help. He ensures undivided attention to all participants and closely work on their improvement areas.

I would highly recommend Foster Bright, to all aspiring IELTS exam takers.
Big thanks to Ankur Sir & wish Foster Bright brighter future always.

Mr Akshat Verma


First Attempt Bands (on my own preparation) - L7.5 R9 W6.5 S7.5

Second Attempt Bands (on my own preparation) - L9 R8 W6.5 S7.5

Final Attempt (After undergoing training with Foster Bright Education) - L9 R9 W7.5 S8....Bingo!!

I appeared for the IELTS examination two times after preparing on my own, but failed to achieve the desired band in both the attempts. I, then decided to join IELTS coaching to take professional guidance, and came across Foster Bright Education. I finalised on this institute after speaking to Mr. Ankur, when he gave the assurance of his efforts to achieve the desired band score in each section.

He was extremely professional and gave individual attention and feedback to me as and when required, which helped me gain confidence and obtain the desired band, specially in the writing section, which is the most difficult to crack.

My essays were regularly evaluated before the start of each session and Mr. Ankur always used to share some essential tips on how to score 7+ in writing. After getting multiple essays evaluated and reading his study material thoroughly, I decided to appear for the exam once again in Nov.19. I am delighted that I was able to score CLB 10, all credit goes to Foster Bright Education and to Ankur Sir.

I highly recommend Foster Bright Education to all my friends and colleagues who are aiming to appear for the IELTS exam for excellent IELTS results.

Mr Harshil Rai


I was not able to clear my ilets exam ( I applied 2 time ) but after getting classes and training from foster bright noida , I cleared it at 3 time. It was superb. Experience in foster bright with Ankur sir . They will make you achieve the band you want to achieve .

Mr Yajurv Bhatia


My experience in this institute was a highly productive one. Ankur sir helped me understand my mistakes and shortcomings, and showed me how to improve on those areas. He had a rich set of suggestions and a great study material to practice things from.

In the end, everything matters on how much effort you will put in, but as far as good mentorship and guidance is concerned FosterBright is one to be trusted.

Miss Pallavi Tripathi

Gov. employee

Joining Foster Bright has turned out to be a golden decision for IELTS preparation. It not only helped me in understanding the structure of the test, but also guided to prepare in the right direction.

My experience with Foster Bright and Mr. Ankur (the trainer) was absolutely wonderful. He ensures analysing individual requirement of each participant, and gives them tailored solutions as per their preparation needs. Students get inclusive handholding for their preparations. He guides, follows up and ensures that you are putting efforts in preparation. I was nervous in the beginning, but after writing my examination, I can definitely say that following his advice made it a cakewalk for me. His teaching methods are very effective. He helped me with my speaking and writing practice, even after my assigned sessions ended with him.

I got Band 8 in my first attempt by following the instructions and advise Ankur gave me.

I will strongly recommend, joining Foster Bright for your IELTS preparation.